Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mummy & daddy

Can u see the 2 lines? :D

Yes,we r mummy and daddy to be. Alhamdulillah (to date) im 4 weeks pregnant.

Well,still dlm high risk period dlm 3 bulan ni (lamanya nak tunggu 3 mnths.haih!) but friends,do pray for us ya.

Me and hubby sgt2 excited when dpt tau.It's started when im having terrible headache pd suatu pagi and br tersedar period dh lewat :D

So we bought the pregnancy test kit and Alhamdulillah...Hubby lompat2 lah,sape tak happy kan.

Br td pegi knfem dgn doc,and doc mengesahkan saya pregnant + bg beberapa nasihat berguna utk tempoh "high risk" neh.*risau*

Lastly,thks to my fwens yg byk bg sokongan + tips,appreciate sgt2.

Doakan me yaaaa

*hugsss & kisses*

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