Wednesday, February 20, 2008

HIV Test

Yesterday we went to Klinik kesihatan utk buat HIV test.Masa sampai,mak aii ramainye org.i told my syg to wake up early tp my syg terlajak sikit.hehe.sian die.

we reach at the clinic around 830am.sampai2 je we all terus register.wait for 15 mins and we got the number (again?) to see the ke?i think so..hahahaha..

lama jugak la tunggu nak masuk..dlm 20mins sumthing then we wait another 20 mins utk result.

i dunno y i damn scared.bkn takut HIV positif ye kwn2 but takut jarum..hahaha.

my syg pon takut smpai pucat2 muka die.. :-P

finally we got the result.As expected: HIV negative.Kalo tak buat ujian pon dah tau mesti negative tp since we need the "evidence" saying that we r free from HIV.hahaha

till then~

**ujian HIV valid for 6 mnths ye kawan2.. sila tgk sini**

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