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Pls pardon the shocking title, but I believe it's not as controversial as you might think. :-)

Cerita yg sgt bagus..sometimes tanpa kita sedari,we always complain about other tu tak betol ni tak btol la...semua kita rasa kita btol. But how often do we stop to ask ourselves, how we can change ourselves so that we become part of the solution?

 Let's read...


Lin was a beautiful young Chinese woman who recently got married but, because neither she nor her husband had enough money to buy a house of their own, they had to live with her mother-in-law. After some time, she began butting heads with her mother-in-law and had a difficult time adapting to her. Their personalities were very different and Lin became increasingly irritated with her mother-in-law's customs and habits, which she constantly criticized.

Over the months, things got so bad that life became unbearable. However, according to Chinese ancient traditions, a daughter-in-law must always be at her mother-in-law's service. Lin, unable to bear the idea of living with her mother-in-law any longer, decided to go see a master, an old friend of her father.

After hearing the young woman, master Huang grabbed a bunch of herbs and said: "You shouldn't use all of these herbs at once to get rid of your mother-in-law because it may raise suspicions. You should mix them in with her food, little by little, day by day, this way she'll be slowly poisoned. To be sure that no one suspects anything when she dies, you should be very careful and always treat her with great kindness. Don't argue with her and always lend a hand with whatever she needs."

Lin replied, "Thank you, master Huang, I will do everything you've said."

Lin was thrilled and returned home enthusiastic about the plan to kill her mother-in-law. During several weeks, Lin served her mother-in-law a specially prepared meal every other day. She always kept in mind master Huang's advice to avoid suspicion: she controlled her temper, obeyed her mother-in-law and treated her as if she were her own mother.

After six months, the whole family was transformed. Lin kept her temper under control and almost never got upset. Months passed, and she hadn't argued at all with her mother-in-law, who also seemed much kinder and easier to get along with. Her mother-in-law's attitude changed and they began treating each other like mother and daughter.

One day, Lin went back to master Huang to ask him for help and said: "Master, please help save my mother-in-law from dying. She has become such a nice person and I love her as if she were my own mother. I don't want her to die because of the poison I've been giving her."

Master Huang smiled and nodded, "Lin, don't worry. Your mother-in-law hasn't changed. You were the one who changed. The herbs I gave you were actually vitamins to improve her health. The poison was in your attitude and was replaced by the love and affection you began dedicating to her."

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