Thursday, November 13, 2008



baby blom pon masuk 5 bulan tp dh fikir psal stroller.Over tak?hehe.Anak 1st,mcm ni la kot.Sumore,there are many different types of strollers tht available on the market today, and it's soooo hard to choose which is right for our baby!

Saja suka2 survey...cuma tak decide nak beli bila,maybe sblm deliver.maybe after pantang.It depends la.Then tak decide nak beli yang suka yg mcm ni,hubby nak yg begitu.So baby,later kitorg decide ya.

One of my fren suggested to buy after deliver so tht bole try letak die dlm stroller.

Jangan letak dlm Stokke sudah.Harus la baby suka kan.mummy & daddy yg meraung nnti.

Stokke Xplory

Price Stokke ni almost rm5K.Bole beli motor sebijik,or byr d/payment kereta baru.hihihi.sorry la baby..if tiba2 salary kitorg naik jd rm50K,kitorg beli okay! :-P (mustahil!)

Me and hubby mempunyai pendapat yg berbeza psal stroller.

I actually like this one:

Tp hubby tak berkenan,sbb: first...takde shopping basket.second: seat dia tak boleh recline.Kena beli car seat then dia baru la sesuai utk baby :-( dhla kalo complete set (stroller + car seat) -price dia quite expensive :-(

If beli together wif car seat,this stroller akn jd mcm ni:

Cute kan?

Hubby suka yg ni:

and this one

But En Edge,tht day..i prefer this one:

Or this one



Guide when selecting baby stroller:

1) Decide What u need
-The right stroller is one that will fit your unique lifestyle needs.

2) Choose the strollers
- Compare features of strollers on the net to find a few that match your criteria. Also, read reviews at opinions.

3) Buy
- Compare prices and purchase!

This one tak pernah nampak lg kat malaysia!

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