Thursday, October 30, 2008

Your sleeping position

Personal Sleeping position

Lately,i was wondering bout my sleeping position.Since pregnant,I'll always terjaga tengah2 mlm,because of wrong sleeping position.Sumtimes hubby pun takut tgk (ye la,my baby bump getting bigger)

My fav sleeping position: Freefaller & Foetus. Now pon kadang ter-freefaller.smpai rasa senak baru lah ubah to foetus (I wonder how 7/8/9 mnths pregnant nanti-msti kene tdo mcm starfish) :-P

What a sleeping position can say about a couple

First row:
1. - couples, where the woman depends on her man
2. - older man / very young girl couples
3. - after having an argument

Second row:
4. - after a long day at work-Too tired
5. - Relationship getting bad
6. - they trust each other.

Which yours,readers?

Mine - rahsia :-P

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