Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Attention Seeker: Bulletin Board

Last few days,me jalan2 ke blog kawan2 and i found this on noor's blog

So,here it is. (me mls nak menaip atau pk ayat) - copy je long as apa yg kita nak sampai kan tu smpai.


"I had this bad feeling this past few weeks that I completely mad at myself for not moving on, for holding a grudge, and for not giving myself or others a chance just because of an old memory. Not really that memories matter the most but as a friend told me, I was being "childish and such a spoil brat".

Since I have my own reputation to take care of, I'm gonna focus my anger to something else. I'm so sorry to the person that I'm about to ditch, but this thing has been really annoying me for such a long time.

There are these habits of bulletin board that I'm really sick of. First, it got to be the chain-if-you-not-going-to-post-it-you-will-not-meet-your-true-love-letter. I mean, seriously, people should stop posting this chain letter or just stop believe that your luck are going to change if you re-post or not re-post it. The last thing that I would blame fate for not being with anyone is because I ignore those stuff in the first place.

Secondly, this boring survey that took by some bored kid that their answers are totally lame. I feel like to strangle that person right away. Since I'm watching to much gossip girl today (complete season for the whole day), I'm feeling bitch myself. So, I'm going to post here the example of questions and answers that I'm bitching about:

1. In two words, explain today:
:: messy... smile..
(why wouldn't you? you just post this on bulletin)

2. What made you smile today?
:: ha???
(the question should be 'what made ppl unsmile today?')

3. What were u doing this morning at 8?
:: cant remember...
(duhh... he posted this on 4.44 p.m.)

4. What were u doing 15 minutes ago?
:: tgk video hj kahar...

5. Something that happened to you in
:: dpt Anugerah Gangsa UiTM...
(yeaaaaa... your whole list of friends would love to congrate you on this)

6. Last thing someone said to you?
:: x ingt...
(aaah, pity... I do believe you need someone to talk to)

7. What was your answer?
:: lupe...
(point taken!)

8. Worst thing currently on television?
:: liverpool kalah!!!!hahaha

9. What was in your e-mail today?
:: x ade pn...

10. How many different beverages have
you drank today?
:: lum lg...
(why don't you get a friend and ask him to hang out?)

11. What is your favorite part of this
:: nk jumpe x...
(his gf where in every freaking survey he would mention her and really make me sick)

12. Your current To-do list?
:: fit kn bdn...

13. Where is your best friend right
:: ade ke...
(point taken! again...)

14. What color is your toothbrush?
:: blue..

15. What are you wearing right now?
:: short n shirt...
(I can't believe the relevent of such question no 14 and 15)

16. Any plans tonight?
:: x tau g...

17. Least favorite place to shop.
:: mane2 aje...

18. Things you bought today?
:: duit x ade...

19. Last gift you received? for whom?
:: bear...for my bb..

20. do you miss somebody?
:: yup... =(
(i bet someone miss you too...)

Look, I don't have this personal thing against this guy but I seriously annoyed with him posting like almost every survey that probably forward to him by other friend. I got it, sometimes, we just bored. But for God's sake, you are on internet. If you can access Friendster, I'm sure as hell you can access other interesting website. I'm not against this whole survey thingy but for me, it just not proper to really do it. It's OK if you do it yearly like during the new year, few friends post the survey on their achivement of 2007, I would glad they did it so that we knew what had happened. No one fancy to know that you don't have plan for tonight yet.

As much as I annoyed, I won't go and post this link to the bulletin or mention it personally. We barely knew each other. We just so happened studying in the same school and he's not even in my batch. But someone has to stop this and I pray that he'll stop.

Yeah, if I were like so annoyed, then why would I even read it right? Well, not anymore since I get the pattern. I still appreciate sometimes that some other people post it and make fun of it.

Lastly, don't go personal on this bulletin since you know it will be reach by your whole list. Like, if you're about to tell the message to just one person, there's this thing called comments. Post it there! Or don't post what is originally from your bulletin like this stupid guy, post my comment to him on bulletin. It just a Chelsea fan reaction to him and he made it clear like some kind of warning to other Man Utd fans and even mention it was from me. That was clasically idiotic and childish.

If you are the person that I just referring to, I sincerely apologize. It's good that I don't include your link. The bulletin still served it purpose, I still believe so"

**To miss taeyong,5 star bebb! i loike this one!**

btw,it's ok if u wanna do like a tons of surveyssssss but pls,post it in ur blog or whatsoever method but pls jgnla salah guna that bulletin.


peace ya all!

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