Saturday, January 16, 2010

Silent reader -Part 2

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Thank you all...

I know,i've abandon my blog for few days now,tp still ada yg sudi dtg jenguk..Tqvm semua esp kat awek baju merah yg comel giler tu..hihiih.Please maafkan saya cuz im very busy kat new workplace.I need to configured and study our new system utk make sure kami bole lawan the current system.hehehe.Bak kata my husband,in bolehland...anything is possible.ya righhht!

Wish me luck,babes and dudes..

Nanti bila i ada terlebey2 masa i'll update okay.Now dlm kepala i ada psal system itu system ini,citrix,cerner,manual,config,blablablabla.urghh!

See you when i see you.Till then,take care :-)

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