Friday, January 9, 2009

Entering 3rd trimester

Alhamdulillah,this week wud be my last week in 2nd trimester.sudah mahu masuk ke 3rd trimester.Seram?yeass,a bit.sbb ni first time kan.i believe mana2 first time mum to be mmg akan ada rasa mcm ni.

Td,we went to detailed scan.

Alhamdulillah,semuanya ok..bagus juga buat detailed scan ni.bole tgk semua.otak,tulang blakang,jari kaki & tgn,kuantiti air ketuban (cukup ke tak) and mcm2 takes about 1 hr to complete this detailed tak rasa mcm 1 jam sbb dpt tgk our lil one!

The sonographer asked us,nak tau tak jantina baby..kitorg ckp,yes..and she said,it's a gurl! heh..but then still,it's not 100% confirm la. nak 100% kene tunggu lepas our lil one lahir ke dunia ni.we actually tak kisah,gurl or boy,yg penting sihat sempurna..AMIN.

Masa scan,my lil one tido...but ada satu part tu dia bukak mata and smile! (mcm ckp,hye ppl out there!) hehe.Me and husband sgt teruja (mana2 mummy and daddy to be pon pasti teruja) bila dpt tgk our baby inside my belly!

Looking fwd to go to next checkup in 3 weeks time with Dr Raja Juhaidah @ columbia Asia.

I love everything about the hospital.Systematic, all computerized and yg penting tak payah tunggu lama2..appointment has been set earlier so by the time kitorg dtg tu,kitorg tunggu dlm 10 mins je.senang!

Gtg peeps,till then!~

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